God’s dream for the church is to have a passionate, company of Spirit-saturated lovers who love God, life, and each other. As they observe the culture of Heaven they bring that culture to the earth.

They give whole heartedly and dream passionately. They are full of His beauty and struck by the wonder and mystery of His being. They choose to excel at life, because they are devoted to His heart and defending His name. They build villages of hope that radiate with Heaven’s light. They serve the world and each other, by laying their lives down and give their hearts for the beauty of Heaven to overflow them.

The family of God are open- hearted ones, who build relationships of care. This heavenly culture is shown in value and culture.  They love not their own lives, and live from a world that no one sees. They take their prophetic directions from a King who is both meek and majestic. They are a company of yielded hearts, burning hearts and warrior runners. They overcome obstacles with His glory. They design with one thing in mind. For the glory of God to consume hearts, lives, relationships and regions.

They excel in the arts, theatre, dance, music, worship and expression. They were created for blessings and goodness. They are an innovative and problem solving group of people. They are a governmental body of wise master builders. They are filled with supernatural wisdom and understanding. The leaders are at rest and in joy because peace is their guide.

Are they without pain and without imperfection? No, far from it. They are weak and dependent. They know who is their strength and how to receive it. In weakness they are powerful, in powerlessness they are strong and courageous.

They will not give up until the glory increases all over the earth. First in one location, followed by another and then another, until every region is blanketed in the visible cloud of His glory. This is the church of Jesus on the earth and His heart for them is to shine with His glory and grace.

This is the glory community of heaven on earth!