softly and quietly and some might say … slowly

the child awakens

waking up to love and righteousness 

she is waking up to His voice in the morning

she is listening – leaning on His chest 

as a child listens with their whole heart

when grown up, she strayed far far from Him

lost in the sea of worlds

broke – she returned 

She came up from the way of the wilderness of indifference

through the path of the coldest  gardens known to man

of a love- less christianity with her garbage in tow 

her bags packed in case of an emergency 


arriving at the heavy doors of religion 

she stayed way too long and didn’t find the wine 

nor the freedom in cold houses smelling of old incenses 

broken and lost /she longed for the life promised

she’d lost her fire and life 

and even her soul in nights of winters walking in deserts

and wildernesses of the cold 

but now… she is waking up

not partially 

but in fullness…. the awake of every emotion and all feels

awake to know and to be

awake to hear and respond 

with more than a yes to say

with the wind in her hair /sun in her eyes

she is rising up 

up from the ground out on the headland 

watching sunrise/ sunset

risen up and new and bold

out of her hardness into Christ like softness

learning to be loved and to give

leaning to be kind and to extend 

feet to run

hands to hold

hearts to feel

this woman…she is not intimidated

not fearing the darkness 

but living in fullness

she is strong and fearless

loving the light /more than life 

growing in health… being healed in light 

A bride ….carries light of life

warmth of His glory 

fire of His belly

in her bones is His life

the heart to see 

the heart to hold

she is alive and free  

she is a radiant 

being in step in freedom

dancing on the stones of resistance

in cities long devastated from wars that never end

for rights all to defend

of strongholds of injustice and witchcrafts bends

she islifting up the arms of the caring ones

being in the midst of creative ones and of the 

business men

she is a flaming fire and a warrior heart

she is a lover not a worker and a fighter of freedom 

full of vision for the one who is hers 

He adores her…..His bride 

awakening the piercing sweet truth 

and breath of life with beauty of breath itself

lungs to breath 

heart to feel

this bride is on fire

she is a flame of fire from the very heart of God

burning eyes and burning feet 

let this one sing and know and tell 

the Bride is alive and she is awake to love 

and now anything can happen 

and everything will be fulfilled 

ring the bells …..ring them loud and long

to say its time to come home 

come let us adore 

come let us worship


come let us celebrate the marriage of the lamb 

to a loving bride awakened once more