Blue Eye of God – the Third Wave of the Prophetic is Now Upon US.

I had an angelic encounter that started as a dream.Here is the dream: Many of us were walking up a hill. It felt like the “hill of Lord” – we were going to meet Him. There were so many leaders and dear friends in the ministry and it felt incredible to be together to ascend the hill together. To my left I saw an author and leader who has written on rest and being at peace.

Other significant leaders were there. They were all fathers and mothers who walk with the Spirit.The golden path straight before us was a path that turned into a vein of gold. We were in awe as we walked on this golden street. We kept going higher up the hill, into what appeared before us. It started to feel like we were walking into a house in the sky… but as I gained perspective I looked around and realized we were all walking into the very eye of God that was hovering over the earth.

The eye was the brightest of blue with threads of gold running through it. I head the words “in the twinkling of an eye” as His eyes were twinkling with love and emanating attachment to our hearts – healing our core places as we beheld Him!


There are several things I feel to share from this encounter as it became multi-faceted experience of God’s heart over the last weeks, that have spoken so deeply to my heart of the current season.

Firstly a note. Thirty years ago I had so many dreams about knowing God and walking in oneness with God. In this season, I saw that the church was in a time of KNOWING God in intimacy and connection. Twenty years ago I had a similar encounter where we were on a journey into the the EAR of God. I feel that during that season we were discovering HEARING FROM GOD as the corporate church of Jesus.

I would like to propose to you that there is a shift in the prophetic occurring, and we are now going into a new season of SEEING FROM GOD’s perspective. We have gone from KNOWING to HEARING to SEEING.

A third wave of the prophetic is upon us. The seer realm is going to open up like never before. To enter into this we must be willing to ascend the hill of the Lord (Psalm 24). Prophets it’s time to cast off anything that robs you going higher into the the greatest thing of all – seeing as He sees!

Also, I feel the Father is getting us ready for unusual signs. So many are anxious about the season and the times. I believe the Lord will reveal His nature and believe it or not, it will be like in this dream- signs and wonders will appear in the sky! literally.


Writing will appear in the sky. Visible signs will manifest from the heavenlies, just like when His hand appeared to write on the wall in Daniel 5:5.

Secondly, I feel to say that in these turbulent times we must must must have peace! No amount of worry or fear will increase the glory coming sooner or hearts turning. The times we are in, are the beginnings of shakings and new things come from these times.

Lastly, there’s a message of oneness in the air right now. It’s not a dream. It’s HIS heart. Until all the nations flow as one stream there will be trouble. But when the church lives in the broadness of unity ….then the anointing will increase and we will see the same things together.

Rest up beloved, and trust as you pray and intercede for your cities and nations to be turned to Jesus. The best witness we can give in these days, is a tangible rest and peace and deep trust in His heart. He is not out of the picture. But instead is not only watching over us but is calling us deeper to cultivate a holy fire of love in Him alone.

As a deeper confirmation to this encounter, the host where I was staying awoke to this Irish song that very morning. She awoke to the Holy Spirit singing it in her heart… She said to me “I had the most unusual encounter where I woke up to an Irish song about the Blue Eye of God”

Be encouraged and Happy Christmas!
the Blue Eye of God is watching over you and will perform all He said.

A crack in the sky lends a light to the dark
The wind blows the ember, a coal from the hearth
You carry it proudly through ditches and trees
And cross the horizon to lie down and sleep

Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye watches over the sea
Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye that looks after thee

Over the ocean toward a new world
The city, the island, the tear in the pearl
A boat on the water casts out a clear еye
The darkness bеneath us is teeming with life

Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye watches over the sea
Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye that looks after thee

Handed the fire from the hearth on the hill
The coal and the ember, they glow away still
Songs to the stranger, familiar and clear
Ring out in chorus for all you hold dear

Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye watches over the sea
Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye that looks after thee

A flash in the dark glimmers silver and blue
Breaches the waves for a moment or two
Moves away slowly back into the deep
Blue is the eye watches over the sea