Maria Mason

Maria is a cultural architect, she lives to see the Church become a powerful community, that reveals the glory of heaven and the heart of the Father. Together with her husband Phil, Maria pioneered a spiritual community in 1998 called Tribe-Byron Bay (formerly New Earth Tribe). Phil and Maria are the senior leaders, but now have an amazing team of pastoral leaders whom they serve with.

They started this fledgling work in their living room with seven people in Sunrise Beach, Byron Bay. Their aim was to build not just a church, but a community of people, who were deeply invested in each other and in changing the world. In those days, they ran a soup kitchen and delivered bread to local families. Maria also invested much of her time as an intercessor and worshiper, starting local prayer initiatives and building up a culture of worship and encounter. Out of these early seasons, the Father developed in her, a passion for breakthrough so that the heart’s of people can encounter God’s glory.

In the last 18 years, she has lead the church along side of Phil. She speaks around Australia and in other nations, on the subjects of church culture, relationships, leadership, prophetic ministry, creativity, worship, community and revival.

Maria Mason Biography

In 2016, Maria released her  first book, “The Glory Community; Building Heaven’s Culture on Earth”. This book is designed to inspire the church to live in the realm of God’s glory here on earth as His community. This is not just a book filled with theoretical ideas, but with tried and tested practices. Tribe is an authentic grass roots community that literally adores the presence of God, authentic relationships, and the beauty of life filled with His love and creativity. The community has been experiencing an outpouring of His presence for many years now.

Maria and Phil, have been married since 1983 and have four adult children, plus a son and daughter in law. Maria’s passions are worship, beauty and culture. She loves to drink amazing coffee, cook curries, play music and to hang out with family and friends. Her home is filled with music, art, books and candles.

The Blue Eye of God – the Third Wave of the Prophetic is Now Upon Us

Blue Eye of God – the Third Wave of the Prophetic is Now Upon US.I had an angelic encounter that started as a dream.Here is the dream: Many of us were walking up a hill. It felt like the “hill of Lord” – we were going to meet Him. There were so many...
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The Chocolate Cake Encounter

The Chocolate Cake Encounter Excitement and giddy joy will return as extreme expectation is being restored to hearts! In this season I have been actively asking God to awaken my spiritual senses and to double the prophetic anointing in our community. Often when Im in...
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The winds of change are upon us, and we need to check our foundations, windows and doors are secure and ready for the current conditions, and the storms that are yet to come!

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Lovers Of The Cross – Prophetic Reflection on Easter 2022

Lovers of the Cross Good Friday – 2022/ Maria Mason Today is Good Friday and we stop to celebrate the cross of Jesus, but it seems as though the cost of the gospel has increased. Many attribute this to the sway of “cultural relevance”. Regardless of the reason, so...
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Dealing with the Religious Spirit

There is a shift right now as we come to the end of 2021. The shaking of this year is done, and after the storms. However, I feel the Lord warning the church that the Religious Spirit is on the prowl and has one major agenda – to stop the saints to recognise His voice...
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The Listening Company

When our family was very little, we noticed that one of our boys had a strong prophetic gifting. We were very amazed at how he would speak out and have endless words of knowledge in general life, without really trying or knowing a thing about a circumstance. I recall...
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Poem – Awakened

softly and quietly and some might say … slowly the child awakens waking up to love and righteousness  she is waking up to His voice in the morning she is listening – leaning on His chest  as a child listens with their whole heart when grown up, she strayed far...
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The Enemy of Connection – a Closed Heart

Our hearts can close off to others without us even realizing. Some folks are oblivious to this skill of knowing when they are in danger of closing off, as its been the way they have “survived” life. Others are so in their heads, they are just stuck there, not...
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Come Together – the Power of Doing Church!

I once heard Bob Mumford give the most hilarious message back in the early 1980s. The gist of it was to do with doing life together. He shared how he was so over problems in his relationships in his church. We all know those feelings of being burnt out, and needing...
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