I’ve been immensely impacted by Maria, I hold her in so much honour, she is an amazing prophet, cultural architect, friend, spiritual mother and a powerful woman of God! I’ve been challenged by her teaching, her fire, her zeal, her passion for worship and the hours of ministry she pours out! The way she serves the body of Christ with love and a laid down love has spoken to me in a way I’ll never forget!

Matthew Hardy

Tribe Community

Ree is always encouraging the Tribe community, both men and women, to keep on expanding in the spiritual and pushing past cultural barriers. There is an ease on her in the prophetic combined a with willingness to be transparent, vulnerable and funny that demystifies the prophetic and inspires me to be myself in the prophetic arena.

Michelle Riciardello

Tribe Community

Maria inspires me to continue pursuing freedom in every area of my life; to have my identity and acceptance completely and firmly established in God. She inspires me to know that I am a beloved daughter of my Heavenly Father and to live from this place of royalty every single day.

Donna Mahlburg

Tribe Community

What stands out the most about Maria is that she has personally been instrumental in some of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had in my heart. Without her encouragement, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Big Thanks to her!

Melissa Mackessey

Tribe Community

Maria Mason hosts The Kingdom of Heaven and royalty. She partners with the work of the Holy Spirit, to transform culture until it looks like Heaven; where hearts are alive, relationships are thriving and a community becomes the unshakeable Family of God!

Elliot Bonser

Tribe Community

Maria is an incredible example of strength, courage and grace. I have had the privilege of getting to know her over the last few years and I have been so encouraged and inspired in seeking the Glory of God and in pursuing the supernatural in my own life. She has taught me so much in becoming more activated in the prophetic and how to connect with the Heart of the Father. Now we are taking this message around the world and I’m loving the journey!

Chloe Jones

Tribe Community

The Village of Hope – Part One.

The Village of Hope, is a great name for the community that gives itself to hosting the atmosphere of heaven. True Christian hope is supernatural, and it supplies us with a powerful feeling of hopefulness. In First Peter, we read that it is a “living hope”, a...
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The Foundations of Shalom

“My peace is the legacy I leave to you” 14:27 – The Voice Bible. It’s surprising how many people walk around every day with little to no peace. Peace is absolutely vital to our inner well-being, and the gap we feel internally without it is just as detrimental as...
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Radiant Women’s Retreat

You are invited to our Tribe Women’s Winter retreat entitled Radiant! We are so excited to announce that we have another Radiant event coming up this Winter! What a joy to spend a lovely weekend with friends in the wonderful town of Lennox Head, NSW. Radiant...
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Eyes To See – Prophetic Vision

There are roughly 56 common eye disorders but there are literally 100s of others that are lesser known eye conditions. Pretty much everyone has had one of the lesser illnesses, like conjunctivitis, which is healed easily. But the most threatening eye conditions of...
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The Imagining Community

Artists are pioneers, blazing new trails and new paths.We become fully human when we allow ourselves to find the creative thread that is placed in each of our souls by God. In every heart, the seeds of creativity exist! When these are given light and water, these seeds burst with new life.

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Searching For Community

While many in the world are searching for their tribe; God’s answer to the cry of their hearts is to show them a community. This community is one that is clothed from on high; that practices love in words and actions.

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