Ten Things God is Restoring to the Bride in the 2020’s – Prophetic Word for 22.2.2020 – the National Day of Prayer and Fasting

                                       TEN THINGS GOD IS RESTORING TO THE BRIDE IN THE 2020s
Maria Mason
Prophecy is both sight into the future, but it is also an invitation to create God’s purposes on earth! It is a signpost to the Heavenly world of His Kingdom!
Recently I heard the Lord say: “If you critique the problem, without prophesying the answer, then you’ll need to switch over to My Team”
Beloved… I encourage you to see, prophesy and build with divine sight and be careful what you speak. Speak what you know is going to edify and build His plans which is prophetic fulfillment!
I wanted to release this word today on 22.2.2020 as it is a significant day being the day of NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING.
GOD IS ON THE MOVE. Don’t despise the days of weakness, fire or smallness. He is on the move in the nations. Soon the world will begin to see what God has been doing in secret all along!
Preparing His Bride is His first passion. He will reveal many things in 2020s. If your heart is sick – get it healed in His presence. If your body is tired – get it filled up! If your life needs renewing- press in! Now is a time to seek Him. There’s nothing but good things coming in the midst of the nations shaking! You have to have eyes to see! Our best days are ahead!
Here’s 10 things I believe God is restoring in the 2020s!

1. Extreme Hope. God has plans and He is not going to back down on them ever! As the worldwide church we are not done – we are just beginning! The best days are coming and are upon us. All the previous contractions of the Spirit were warmups to the big waves of glory that are coming! Hope is going to be fully restored to the Body of Christ, like we’ve never imagined. This hope is like liquid gold and a divine medicine for the heartsick soul that has felt hope deferred (Proverbs 13:12). Hope is overwhelmingly good. It’s the beginning of revival! All things can be healed, restored and fulfilled in this atmosphere of heaven (Matthew 12:21 and Jeremiah 29:11).
2. Holy First Love for Jesus. The lovesick Bride will arise in passion and pure love and will be extremely full of affection for Him. Extended worship, prayer houses (intercession) and a lifestyle of burning for God will be mainstream. The church will be like a filling station – all who enter those doors will be overwhelmingly touched, overcome and filled with His presence with the fruit being holy love and divine passion for God. Only the atmosphere of love is the cure for the hurting, the weak and the oppressed (Revelation 2:4 and Song of Songs 3:4).
3. Affection for His Beloved Bride. We will see extreme passion restored for working on, with, and for, His first love – the Bride of Jesus in the earth. The Fire that has been burning up all the dross is a Holy fire. Judgment begins at the household of God (1 Peter 4:17) and He has exposed broken things only to restore her, not to condemn her. If you are in the fire: buy oil! Oil that is purchased in the previous wilderness season or current season is burning for Him and will sustain the next move of the Spirit! Get in now and start buying oil! (Matthew 25 and Revelation 3:14)
4. Deep Trust and Reverence for His Word. A perfectly supernatural love of the Word of God is going to be restored to the Bride. No weapon formed against His Holy word will prosper and the church will arise again to stand on the solid rock of pure doctrine and reflect a Holy and a high view of the King of all Kings! His word will be hungered after once more and false teachings, false teachers and liars will be exposed. The pure gospel will be lifted up and its fruit is salvation, disciples of the King and pure love (John 14:15 and Psalm 119:127).
5. A Passion to see all the Nations Healed. This will be a new missions movement. God can heal and restore the broken places that have opened up whole nations to the influx of evil and 2nd heaven activity. God is on the move and raising up fathers and mothers to heal the foundations that usher in the new things God wants to do in every nation. There will be a holy passion for the nations to be completely restored in every way – biblically, economically, agriculturally and with societal transformation (Matthew 28:19 and Revelations 22:2)
6. A New Divine Energy for Labouring in the Glory. Supernatural energy and extreme waves of joy will be restored in the next great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Once more the streams of joy will roll out and hearts and bodies will be utterly refreshed and overflowing with His love and presence as new energy rises to meet the new demands (Acts 3:21 and Nehemiah 8:10).
7. Humility is our cloak of safety. God is restoring the beauty of this heart disposition and character. Humility starts with a deep awareness of His character and power – it is closely associated with the fear of the Lord. True humility is free from all performance, self-aggrandisement and self-exaltation. True humility causes Christ to shine in the earth (1Peter 5:5 and John 12:32).
8. Prodigals are Returning Home. We are coming into a Luke 15 era when hearts will return home to the Father’s house and be restored to His heart of kindness. Many of those whose offenses overflowed into a departure from the house of God will come back and be met with grace, love and kindness. A season of the fulfillment of Malachi 4 is coming (Luke 15 and Malachi 4:6).
9. A river of Compassion for the Needy. Justice, mercy, compassion and empathy will flow as the church takes her place to love the weak, the needy, the underprivileged, the homeless and the lonely. This is vital for end-time revival. The gospel will advance as justice rolls on like a river from the house of God. In God’s Kingdom there is no racism, no sexism and no ageism. All human beings deserve kindness and the church will shine in justice and mercy (James 1:27 and Amos 5:24).
10. Holy brotherhood and Unity. Unusual unity is going to break in as walls come down across the streams and denominations. The Lord is so resting on brotherhood in the 2020s and He will have His way in building a united Bride who can give, minister to, and love all the streams regardless of the past. He will undo the damage and override all the constraints. He is good and He loves us all! Get ready for new supernatural unity and love flowing across the borders, across walls, into streets and into homes. Love will win over all things. Love will win (Ephesians 2:14 and John 17:23).

Prophetic Word for Australia – November 2019

Maria Mason

In the coming days we will see a proliferation of waves of healing! Already, there is a new wave of physical healings happening, but a huge new wave of powerful healing is going to hit our shores.

Unusual miracles and signs are going to start flowing again!

This new move of the Spirit will go through many streams in the church as Jesus walks through walls (so to speak) ….and then it will start affecting many in mainstream culture and even in the media. Look forward to those news reports!

A new wave of breakthrough in regard to the healing of hearts is happening as well.

Broken hearts with deep wounds from the past and from generational traumas are going to be healed in a much deeper and quicker way. The church is stepping into her finest hour and will be known as THE house of healing.

God is rolling back the stone on dead places (and dead promises) and letting resurrection life be breathed in – as a result, a new heavenly faith, and an excited expectation is about to burst into this nation!

Many have had a vision to see houses of healing and wellness centres. There will be such a release of this in the coming year!

Many will step into their promises as buildings and lands will be released for this purpose! Healing rooms and houses of restoration ministries…… get ready for way more breakthroughs! Addictions and powerful auto-immune diseases will be healed instantly. The cure for Autism and Alzheimer’s and other diseases will be discovered and reversed.

Every time a person is healed, delivered or set free there is a displacement of spiritual powers in that region or city.

By obeying the gospel to heal the broken hearted (Luke 4:18 and 19), there is a release of powerful spiritual authority and the atmosphere is cleansed of defilement.

I feel like there has already been a fulfillment in this nation from Luke 1:51-53:

“He has performed mighty deeds with His arm;

He has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts (the POWERS)

He has brought down rulers from their thrones (the PRINCIPALITIES)

but has lifted up the humble (TO BECOME THE NEW RULERS)

He has filled the hungry with good things (the WORSHIPPERS)

but has sent the rich away empty (the RELIGIOUS)

He has helped His servant! (THE CHURCH)”

Accompanying all these things, there will be a new move of prayer and worship. The worship coming out of Australia is increasing and the Father is pouring out His Spirit as the incense (prayer) rises to Heaven!

Get ready for new worship movements in this nation!

Lastly, I keep seeing gold! I sense another gold rush is going to happen in our nation. Veins of gold will keep on being discovered and revealed as the natural prophesies of the spiritual!

New minerals and new resources for the new seasons!

The old goldfields will become the new ones! What was sown in the natural will be reaped in the spiritual…( a word for the city of Orange NSW and other gold towns). The best is yet to come Australia! 2019 you were wonderfully full …and the very best is coming!

The Village of Hope

The Village of Hope, is a great name for the community that gives itself to hosting the atmosphere of heaven.

True Christian hope is supernatural, and it supplies us with a powerful feeling of hopefulness. In First Peter, we read that it is a “living hope”, a hope that is not of this world. In other words, it is a supernatural hope! 

Hope is an extraordinary thing. In common terms, it creates ‘up’ feelings! Being in a community that is hopeful is an upper! We are pulled heavenward, instead of into a downward spiral that can be the prevailing ‘norm’ in our often-oppressed world.  

Walking into a village of hope is surprising to some. 

A lot of folks don’t always expect hope-filled atmospheres any more. Let’s face it, we sort of expect the church to have some hope, but not necessarily to be abounding in hope. We might expect a little buzz at church, but certainly not an epic truck load of glory! However, this is the promise, that we would abound or overflow in a full-on hope that is living and alive. Not a pump you up kind of hope but a true expectation of God’s goodness, born of the Spirit. 

Community is God’s answer for hopelessness.

As we come together and learn the power of love, God will show up to bring new hope! 

His plan for encouragement involves other people affecting you with their fire. I love this verse in Ecclesiastes: 

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labour: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”(Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)  

When one is down, they are pulled back up, by the hope in others! 

In this place of togetherness, we rarely experience long term defeat, because our family community prophesies to us: Come on! We can do this! 

Psychologists have measuring tools to determine the hope levels of individuals and of whole communities. Psychologist, Charles Snyder, from the university of Kansas, has created a tool for ascertaining whether we are in a place of fullness or depletion with regards to our hope levels.

Synder’s, ‘Hope Scale’ asks twelve telling questions to help determine whether we are full of hope or perhaps in a state of despair. This scale reveals concerns a person may have and point out possible coping mechanisms. This is intriguing research. 

There are multiple reasons why hope levels can be low in a community or a person. Naturally, the overall effects of a community must be measured from a long-term point of view, judging how we as a family have processed the storms, the pain and have built foundations for the journey. Naturally everyone has their moments, and some battles really deplete us more than others.

It’s amazing how a little bit of ‘presence’ can change the world! Soon after being in God’s presence, believers start believing again. A good dose of the presence, and we find our hearts are alive again, restored and seeing that there is a way forward and there is a whole lot to look forward to! 

Hope is vital to the emotional health of spiritual community.

It is so possible to stay in the overflow of hope when we stay connected to the person of hope, Jesus Christ, the ultimate prophet of hope! 

“Now the God of hope fill you with every joy and hope in the sphere of believing, resulting in your super-abounding in the sphere of the hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13 The Wuest Translation

The Foundations of Shalom


“My peace is the legacy I leave to you” 14:27 – The Voice Bible.

It’s surprising how many people walk around every day with little to no peace. Peace is absolutely vital to our inner well-being, and the gap we feel internally without it is just as detrimental as not having an adequate diet or nutrition. We were created for peace. We so need peace! Not the kind of world peace the world gives, but the kind of peace that is absolutely heavenly.

A supernatural peace from above that fills our hearts, our minds and even our physical bodies.

This is the peace that passes understanding (Philippians 4:7) bringing deep rest and resolve. I’m personally convinced a lack of peace is the cause of much of our current first world anxiety disorders.

The world can be an epically traumatic place! As New Creations, we are all learning how to host peace on the inside! True peace comes from only one source – the prince of Peace Isaiah called Him (Isaiah 9:6). He is the peace that fills our hearts and pushes out the trauma and concerns of this life.

Not as the world gives”(John 14. 27), denotes a very different kind of peace! A peace that is based on intimacy through sonship and not on the things we can see or feel! A peace that is about relationship instead of performance!

We don’t have to earn it or work for it – it is a gift – even on the worst day imaginable.

Peace is the opposite of trauma. I see that there are two internal tanks we tend to operate from; one is the peace tank while the other is the trauma tank. They seem to go up and down based on our experiences. Ask any humanitarian worker or missional person and they will vouch for this.

When Jesus sends us out to do justice, it is always restorative. In other words, not just to bring commentary but to fix the problem. Not just to be a voice but to leave a legacy that is tangible. That legacy by nature is the peace of God.

How can we live on the devil’s doorstep, take ground from the enemy and do all the cool things He says to do without the perfect peace of God? The shalom peace of God is designed to be the foundation of our lives, and all that we are is to flow from that place. Peace, I believe, starts deep inside and is entirely essential to our new way of thinking. It comes from being made right with God and being made whole within. Peace is the by-product of our oneness with Him. As sons and daughters of God we have a right to feel His peace, know His peace and abide in His peace. It is indeed very, very tangible. Ask Him for more of His tangible peace right now.

How can you foster a life of deeper peace that affects your spiritual community? 

Radiant Women’s Retreat

Radiant Womens Camp - Event Bright -3

You are invited to our Tribe Women’s Winter retreat entitled Radiant!

We are so excited to announce that we have another Radiant event coming up this Winter! What a joy to spend a lovely weekend with friends in the wonderful town of Lennox Head, NSW.

Radiant conferences and retreats are an incredible opportunity to deepen your connection to God. Our passion is to create space for women to dream with God and to allow their hearts space in the midst of the business of life. We all need time out from the pace and this retreat is tailored to bring that refreshing to your heart!

In Isaiah 60:5 we read: “Then you shall see and become radiant, And your heart shall swell with joy!” 

Life is so full of challenges and obstacles, but when we take time to nurture our God connection and hear His voice, we are re-fuelling to stay the course! God’s passion is for us to see our way forward, to walk with Him in rest and joy.

This year we are focussing our retreat on the radiance of God in our lives and the freedom the Spirit brings to our hearts to be the most awakened version of us. Radiance or beauty comes from a deep inner rest and connection to God.

Our speakers and workshop facilitators will engage with the themes of the prophetic, creativity, justice, connecting and heart. There will be teachings, impartation, worship, workshops and loads of connection time and awesome coffee!

Head over to www.tribebyronbay.com for more info on this event and for the links to the tickets on Eventbrite.

We hope to see you there! Blessings, from Maria and the Radiant Team.


The Call to Prayer is Going Forth Across the Nation Of Australia on the National Day of Prayer and Fasting February 10th, 2018.

A word to Australia. Come on Aussie Come on!! The Lord is rallying His people to pray and to stand in the gap for His Spirit to be poured out from on High. Right now is a time of extreme breakthrough. It is imminent and requires that we like midwives partner with Him for a new move of God. It will be a prayer movement filled with laughter and weeping and joy and glory! There is so much GLORY and grace in the prayer room right now. Gather your team this weekend and let’s PRAY for an epic outpouring. The Bride is about to experience extreme favour and breakthrough in this nation. NOW is the time. He is looking for those who will partner with Him. 

His heart to us as a nation is  that we are called out from under the power of the rejection of the past. Australia you are His beloved! He calls us adopted sons and daughters. Beloved ones! Its time to stand up for the greatest MOVE of GOD we have ever seen. The season of pruning is coming to an end and the season of Harvest is upon us. Come away with ME cries the lover of Heaven. Look no more to the idols of this land but look to MY heart and My love and see the glory of the Lord is breaking out on this land. NOW is the time. Decree and Declare.

I am raising up apostles and prophets of prayer in this nation who will pull Heaven down over this nation. Be stirred and be gripped with the heavenly vision of 3rd Heaven power and 3rd Heaven alignment. All this is happening because of the prayers of the saints. Stand tall Australia and you will see the goodness of the Lord in this hour. Gather and Decree and Declare!