The Blue Eye of God – the Third Wave of the Prophetic is Now Upon Us

Blue Eye of God – the Third Wave of the Prophetic is Now Upon US.

I had an angelic encounter that started as a dream.Here is the dream: Many of us were walking up a hill. It felt like the “hill of Lord” – we were going to meet Him. There were so many leaders and dear friends in the ministry and it felt incredible to be together to ascend the hill together. To my left I saw an author and leader who has written on rest and being at peace.

Other significant leaders were there. They were all fathers and mothers who walk with the Spirit.The golden path straight before us was a path that turned into a vein of gold. We were in awe as we walked on this golden street. We kept going higher up the hill, into what appeared before us. It started to feel like we were walking into a house in the sky… but as I gained perspective I looked around and realized we were all walking into the very eye of God that was hovering over the earth.

The eye was the brightest of blue with threads of gold running through it. I head the words “in the twinkling of an eye” as His eyes were twinkling with love and emanating attachment to our hearts – healing our core places as we beheld Him!


There are several things I feel to share from this encounter as it became multi-faceted experience of God’s heart over the last weeks, that have spoken so deeply to my heart of the current season.

Firstly a note. Thirty years ago I had so many dreams about knowing God and walking in oneness with God. In this season, I saw that the church was in a time of KNOWING God in intimacy and connection. Twenty years ago I had a similar encounter where we were on a journey into the the EAR of God. I feel that during that season we were discovering HEARING FROM GOD as the corporate church of Jesus.

I would like to propose to you that there is a shift in the prophetic occurring, and we are now going into a new season of SEEING FROM GOD’s perspective. We have gone from KNOWING to HEARING to SEEING.

A third wave of the prophetic is upon us. The seer realm is going to open up like never before. To enter into this we must be willing to ascend the hill of the Lord (Psalm 24). Prophets it’s time to cast off anything that robs you going higher into the the greatest thing of all – seeing as He sees!

Also, I feel the Father is getting us ready for unusual signs. So many are anxious about the season and the times. I believe the Lord will reveal His nature and believe it or not, it will be like in this dream- signs and wonders will appear in the sky! literally.


Writing will appear in the sky. Visible signs will manifest from the heavenlies, just like when His hand appeared to write on the wall in Daniel 5:5.

Secondly, I feel to say that in these turbulent times we must must must have peace! No amount of worry or fear will increase the glory coming sooner or hearts turning. The times we are in, are the beginnings of shakings and new things come from these times.

Lastly, there’s a message of oneness in the air right now. It’s not a dream. It’s HIS heart. Until all the nations flow as one stream there will be trouble. But when the church lives in the broadness of unity ….then the anointing will increase and we will see the same things together.

Rest up beloved, and trust as you pray and intercede for your cities and nations to be turned to Jesus. The best witness we can give in these days, is a tangible rest and peace and deep trust in His heart. He is not out of the picture. But instead is not only watching over us but is calling us deeper to cultivate a holy fire of love in Him alone.

As a deeper confirmation to this encounter, the host where I was staying awoke to this Irish song that very morning. She awoke to the Holy Spirit singing it in her heart… She said to me “I had the most unusual encounter where I woke up to an Irish song about the Blue Eye of God”

Be encouraged and Happy Christmas!
the Blue Eye of God is watching over you and will perform all He said.

A crack in the sky lends a light to the dark
The wind blows the ember, a coal from the hearth
You carry it proudly through ditches and trees
And cross the horizon to lie down and sleep

Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye watches over the sea
Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye that looks after thee

Over the ocean toward a new world
The city, the island, the tear in the pearl
A boat on the water casts out a clear еye
The darkness bеneath us is teeming with life

Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye watches over the sea
Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye that looks after thee

Handed the fire from the hearth on the hill
The coal and the ember, they glow away still
Songs to the stranger, familiar and clear
Ring out in chorus for all you hold dear

Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye watches over the sea
Lie down and sleep, sleep well my darling
Blue is the eye that looks after thee

A flash in the dark glimmers silver and blue
Breaches the waves for a moment or two
Moves away slowly back into the deep
Blue is the eye watches over the sea


The Chocolate Cake Encounter

The Chocolate Cake Encounter

Excitement and giddy joy will return as extreme expectation is being restored to hearts!

In this season I have been actively asking God to awaken my spiritual senses and to double the prophetic anointing in our community. Often when Im in a season like this I start to have encounters that are different. In prophetic circles they call this thresholds. The feeling of “crossing over” into a new season and new things happening.

The other night, I woke up to the smell of chocolate cake in the oven. It was vivid and real and not a dream and it was 3 am and no one was in my kitchen! The whole house filled with the glorious smell of chocolate cooking to perfection.

I asked the Lord what was He saying, and He reminded me of the excitement I had as a child when my mum would make our Birthday cakes and the extreme joy of your birthday as a child. The feeling was of sheer delight and giddy joy!

I heard the Lord say – Get the party ready! The church is coming into her greatest hour. Don’t be afraid of the intimidation of the evil one in the earth right now. Instead focus all your attention on the feast I am laying out in the Spirit for My people. Now is the time to believe in the fulfillment of prophetic promises.

Soon you will be celebrating as in the Year of Jubilee. I hear the Father saying to the church: “What is conceived in you is from the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:20) and you will bring forth His promises. Begin to proactively prepare for a party!

Sons and Daughters know that I am faithful. I will do all I said.. and more! You will not be disappointed. You will not be grieved because I am moving in the nations and the mockers of My Kingdom will be shocked when they see the power of God on the move.They will fall to their knees and say “surely God is here and we were wrong!”

Position your heart to have all foreboding, disappointment and grief washed away. He who began a good work in you will complete it and will rain His love down over the nations. God is breaking off the disappointment from delayed answers and promises.

He has tested hearts to expose things, in order to heal the broken places. He is cheering us on to the greater seasons we are headed for.

Be sure that He will restore your hearts to fullness of joy and hope and excitement in the King and His Kingdom. Get ready for giddy joy and sheer bliss.

Look at Psalm 40:

“Many will see his miracles;
they’ll stand in awe of God and fall in love with him!
Blessing after blessing comes to those who love and trust the Lord.
They will not fall away,
for they refuse to listen to the lies of the proud.
O Lord, our God, no one can compare with you.
Such wonderful works and miracles are all found with you!
And you think of us all the time
with your countless expressions of love—
far exceeding our expectations!” Ps 40 TPT



April 22 .2022

Let’s be honest – the enemy loves it when the saints of God lose the plot with a loss of love in their hearts for God. This is his greatest strategy to derail you. Beloved, it’s all downhill after that! Now is a good time to stay with our eyes fixed on the prize -whose name is Jesus! He is our reward. The winds of change are upon us, and we need to check our foundations, windows and doors are secure and ready for the current conditions, and the storms that are yet to come!

Here are ten ways to stay burning hot for God:

1.Relaying Covenantal Foundations with Jesus

It’s a season of trusting the Lord with all that is within us. Everything has been shaken or is going to being shaken, so it’s time to look at the need for solid foundations and submitting to the Lordship of Christ. Many are having to relay their first love foundations as they did not build the deeper more solid foundations in the last seasons that are holding them up in this season.

Our foundations are built on the truth of the Word of God and our covenantal love with Him through intimate connection to the Holy Spirit. Hot fiery love looks like enduring through the fires of radical social shifts and changes.

If we burn for Him, we won’t burn out.

All our offences must be dealt with. True spiritual foundations are based on a radical love that will obey God, regardless of the season. Ask God to help you and decide that nothing can be allowed to rob your passion and your fire for God. It’s time for a new first love anointing.

2.Overcoming in Love tests and Spiritual Battles

The fruit inspector is the Holy Spirit – He comes to check the fruit. In John 15 he describes Himself as the Vinedresser. He comes to inspect our fruit and to see the quality of the fruit. Each of the fruits require inspection: our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, perseverance, and self-control.

There are two key areas that are inspected: one is our love tests with the people in our lives who drive us crazy! The second area is the battle with the demonic spirit that is attacking you the most. Many mix these two up, but they are two separate battles!

Because the battle intensified during the Covid season, we must be so much more aware to stay out of offence. Offence is first a choice in the mind, then it can become your personality and lastly it attracts a demonic spirit.

It is rampant in this season and will destroy your first love anointing. Listen “an offendable Bride” are two words that never go together! Remember: it is so hard to stay offended when we choose humility. Ask the Holy Spirit: “What areas of offence am I still carrying?” Sign me up Lord for a radical covenantal love that is completely non-offendable!

3.Going Through the Gates and Thresholds God has for you in this Season

Isaiah 62: 10
Pass through, pass through the gates!
Prepare the way for the people.
Build-up, build up the highway!
Remove the stones.
Raise a banner for the nations

The gates speak of our heart and or spiritual thresholds that we pass through to mature.

As you are passing through a threshold or gate, all hell might come at you. There are many spirits of false accusation that are at work to destroy God’s children.
It’s vital we do not get our eyes off the prophetic promises of God, regardless of the circumstances!

Beloved, it’s time to pass through the gates and stay on course. Don’t get distracted or defeated but stay with the upgrades He has for you. A good question is always asking the Lord: “Am I maturing through overcoming in this season?”

4.Invest into the prayer movement – The House of Prayer

My house shall be a House of Prayer

In the past Covid season there has been such a call to start or continue the great work of the House of Prayer. Ultimately, 24/7 prayer is the only way the Bride is going to prepare for what is coming. Further to that, holy midwives who are birthing this new move of God are on fire as they travail and birth His promises for the Body of Christ. Being with them can change you for ever – impartation from heaven is caught not taught.

I feel the Lord shouting this one.

You cannot afford to not be committed to weekly prayer meetings anymore. Get with the prayer warriors. Further to that no believer can truly be on fire without being attached, grafted in and submitted to local church. This is a biblical mandate and not one we can ignore.

Radical prayer and worship is the oil that will sustain this hour. First love is cultivated in the hot soil of the prophetic community and in the fire of sustained prayer and worship! Ask God: “How can I partner with the prayer movement world-wide and the local church?”

5.Receive Fresh Intel from Heaven – Not from the World

There is a divine intelligence in this hour to be downloaded from heaven. Be careful what you are listening to, as information is a key factor in staying on course. We must keep our eyes on the Lord and stay focussed on hearing His voice without the bias of news, ideas and or opinions of others. You need the heavenly news. Remember Isaiah 55- “My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts”.

Listen -even other peoples’ prophetic is not going to sustain you in the hour of fire. You must get your own oil in the prayer furnace alone with Jesus. As you do you will fulfill one of the greatest verses in the Bible… Jeremiah 33:3- “Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know!” Ask the Lord: “Am I hearing all that you have to say to ME in this hour?”

6.Overcome the Spirit of Fear and The Spirit of Intimidation manifesting as either Conspiracies, Accusations or Lies

In righteousness you will be established: tyranny will be far from you.
you will have nothing to fear. Isaiah 54:14

There are many lying spirits and confusing narratives at play. Recognise the fruits. There is a unique mental health assignment right now for those who drink the cool aid of conspiracies, accusations and lies. Some of them may have a teeny-weeny bit of truth. Even still, don’t focus on them – look past them to the greater battle.

Turn your eyes on Jesus not the fear. Ask the Father to show you where fear is hiding in your life. Intimidation is shouting taunts and threats, but we must ignore that. “Lord teach me to keep the door shut to these spirits. Rise up and stay firm in the Holy Spirit.” The fruit is always courage and peace, and an increase of His incredible presence.

7.Sit under the Spirit of Wisdom and Of Revelation

For those who are hungry there is much bread. So many times, in 2021, I awoke to the smell of fresh bread and no we do not live near a bakery. I believe there is so much fresh revelation that is truly satisfying to the lover of God. Don’t be distracted. A big one right now for most people is learning when to be silent and when to speak. Don’t mix that one up.

Let your eyes be filled with a fresh understanding that the Lord of the Harvest has a fresh revelation for you in this hour. Eat the bread of revelation beloved. Get it for yourself not from a book or website. Press in for the fresh bread of heaven.

Let’s pray from Ephesians over each other: “That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints!”

8.Get Healed from past Wounds, Traumas, Shocks and Betrayals

God is highlighting in our lives, all kinds of things so we can fly higher. Soul ties, co-dependency and trauma in particular are being targeted by God so that we can get free!

Remember the verse in Mark 7.23 “out of the heart comes defilement”. It’s not the world only that defiles us, it is our own unclean areas that can defile.

Therefore, we have a Godly responsibility to clean it all up. Ask God: “What areas of defilement are you highlighting for me to repent of, turn from and get cleansed from in this season.”

9.Pick up your Assignments

There are new prayer assignments in this season – new ministry assignments too but of course the main ministry focus is to help your family/neighbour get on fire for God and do all that He tells you to. “Father, what assignments do I need to complete in this season?”

10. Prepare Yourself for the Greatest of Days Ahead

Matthew 24 – “You will hear of wars nearby and revolutions on every side, with more rumours of wars to come. Don’t panic or give in to your fears, for the breaking apart of the world’s systems is destined to happen. But it won’t yet be the end; it will still be unfolding.”

Beloved it’s a season to sign on for not only a lifestyle of surrender, but a true Biblical understanding of sustainable revival as the glory increases for you personally! This must be our goal.


Finally. If you are a frontline worker for the Kingdom of God, you must remember that in this season of extreme sowing there WILL BE A REWARD!

The Harvest is Coming, and your labour is not in vain. Get ready!

Lovers Of The Cross – Prophetic Reflection on Easter 2022

Lovers of the Cross

Good Friday – 2022/ Maria Mason

Today is Good Friday and we stop to celebrate the cross of Jesus, but it seems as though the cost of the gospel has increased. Many attribute this to the sway of “cultural relevance”. Regardless of the reason, so many have come to even despise the cross in our post Christian era.

Many have become what Paul described as “enemies of the cross of Christ” (Philippians 3:18), who prefer the culture of the world, to the way of the Lord. Have you seen this tendency in your own heart? Perhaps you have heard your heart mutter the words: “I’m over it!” In doing so, we can sometimes let go of the cross.

The fruit is discernible: an independence away from building the Father’s family, a pride that draws us away from a lifestyle of prayer and the need to invent our own plans because God’s ways seem difficult.

I believe our Father is saying: “I am looking for the burning hearts who will stand like Mary at the foot of cross, who can look past the shame of its nakedness, it’s uncomfortableness and see beyond, to the joy and the glory of resurrection.”

Beloved, we must realise the cross held high is our greatest icon and the power of the gospel. It is the story of covenantal love. The story of hope. The story of redemption. The gospel story – that we were sinners who needed a saviour.

I hear the Father saying today: “Do not despise the very thing that I have chosen to open the heavens. My cross made a way. Therefore, speak of it in the highest of honour. Do not despise it and do not blame the cross or the cost. I have created a way through the gates, for us to be connected. Many reject My love. My hands that were pierced, and My feet, that were crushed under the weight of My body broken. They reject My love and instead blame Me and My people for the cross.”

In this season, there has been an increase of evil against those who hold high the cross. This outpouring of evil is not a rejection of the people of God as much as it is of Christ Himself.

“All the calamities, rejections and distractions are just stirring up noise and will come to nothing- I am establishing my army – an army of lovers of the cross” says the Lord.

As you hold holy hands across the earth today beloved, let us indeed celebrate the cross and uphold and honour the cost of the blood that was shed and let us proclaim His death and resurrection in this hour.

Father: We renounce all tendencies of the flesh and soul to despise the cross. We repent in any way of being enemies of the cross. We humble our hearts to receive the fullness of love displayed in the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and we deeply acknowledge Your way of love. We choose the way of the cross and we choose the cruciform. To be made like Him in this world.

Although we may been seen as fools sometimes, yet we are of the greatest company that ever there was -the saints of God. Seen as irrelevant, and yet being those who are the relevant ones. The gospel carriers. The Holy Cross bearers. Lovers of Christ Jesus and His cross. Amen and Happy Easter to All.


Dealing with the Religious Spirit

There is a shift right now as we come to the end of 2021. The shaking of this year is done, and after the storms. However, I feel the Lord warning the church that the Religious Spirit is on the prowl and has one major agenda – to stop the saints to recognise His voice and the unique factors of our season in preparation of the move that is coming.

Satan seeks to blind everyone in the church through various means. One of the keyways is through the religious spirit.

This Spirit has a primary agenda: to keep people from engaging with the true spirit of prophecy.

Spiritual sight and vision are the by-products of the Spirit of prophecy, but it is fuelled by “clean hands and a pure heart” – In other words staying free from things that are not our battle and keeping our hearts in step with the Lord.

Right now, the prayer movement and worship movement have paved a way and God is releasing unusual discernment in the Spirit, for the new year of 2022. The Spirit of Revelation knowledge is upon us, and the Lord is visiting with new and clear sight of the days that are coming! However, the church’s confrontation with the religious spirit will be one of the epic battles of the last days.

The conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees is a type of the struggle between the prophetic church and the religious spirit.

Satan entices the church into an outward religious performance where the focus is upon religious activity. The focus of religious activity is upon overcoming the presence of evil in our lives through trying very hard to be good to be accepted by God. The religious spirit substitutes religious activity for the power of the Holy Spirit.

People affected by the religious spirit are feeding from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. They focus upon evil in others and their own good works in themselves. They flatter themselves into believing that they have overcome evil by doing so much good.

It’s when we are at our most passionate stage as a disciple, that we can become very susceptible to this Spirit.

When we are the most eager to please God, we are more susceptible to falling into the snare of the religious spirit. Satan cannot stop the zeal of devout religious people, so he seeks to push them too far into religious excess and fanaticism about their faith. He constantly tempts deeply religious people to become proud of their religious zeal and fervour.

Jesus warned against the “leaven of the Pharisees,” (Matthew 16:6) which is pride. This leaven inflates bread, but it doesn’t add any nutritional value to the bread. It puffs us up by filling us with a sense of pride in our own spirituality and religious attainments like scripture memorisation, Bible knowledge, good works, zeal for God and evangelism.

Someone operating under a religious spirit will proudly assume that they know God and what he wants from us. They become unteachable and impervious to correction. They will think that rebukes and words of correction are for other people but not for them. They are pleasing God, but others are not. This is exactly what the Pharisees did!

The Pharisees focused upon what was wrong with others whilst being blind to their own faults.

They had become harsh, judgmental, unmerciful and without compassion. Religious people are always full of their own self-righteousness. They are quick to draw attention to their own good deeds and abilities and don’t see how they are inflating their own pride through feeling better about how they do things or see things.

A person can have ‘religious flesh’ without having a demon of religion.

A ‘religious spirit’ doesn’t always imply the presence of a demon. It can mean a religious disposition or orientation. However, a person with religious flesh is a prime candidate for receiving a demon of religion.

These religious spirits entice believers into an extreme caricature of their own brand of Christianity that is quirky and offensive to those outside of their own stream. These spirits deliberately foster a sense of elitism and superiority that exalts itself over others outside of their movement. Religious spirits cause church members to keep at arm’s length from other churches. It is possible to tap into the wrong spirit. Paul talked about receiving “a different spirit from the one you received.” (2 Cor. 11:4)

People living under the dominion of a religious spirit have tapped into a false spirit masquerading as the Holy Spirit.

They are living out of a religious spirit that is energising them in their religious activities, instead of living out of the Holy Spirit as a source. The religious spirit seeks to replace the Holy Spirit as the source of spiritual life.

Characteristics of a person with a religious spirit.

1. Performance based approval through religious activity and service.
2. Delighting in self-abasement. (Colossians 2:18)
3. Fault-finding, tearing others down, seeing what is always wrong, trying to fix others, perfectionism
4. Feeling better about ourselves after we have done something good or spiritual
5. Pride in spiritual discipline and good works
6. Looking cool and always coming off as the good or nice guy
7. Comparing ourselves with others
8. Spiritual manifestations to be seen by men

How do we overcome the religious spirit?

1. Develop a secret life before the Lord.
2. Put to death the need for approval and recognition by men.
3. Intercede when you see a problem instead of criticising.
4. Get a revelation of the finished work of Christ and learn to live from His righteousness not your own!
5. Value, uphold and put your treasure on the word of the Lord to your own heart.
6. Uphold love as the ultimate triumph of the grace of Jesus!
7. Value others. Submit to others. Listen and stay humble in your heart. Learn from Jesus.

Prayer for Freedom

We are all Pharisees being healed! Father we pray you continue to show us our vulnerability to this Spirit. Show us Your heart and how free from this You are! We want to be free in the Spirit of Jesus. Deliver us from any false prophetic spirits and false notions of the prophetic gift. Father I pray you convict us of religious behaviours. Needing to be seen of man. Gaining approval from doing things instead of trusting you and building identity in Jesus. Lord I rest in you and your righteousness. I hide in your love and your purity, and I submit to your Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Listening Company

When our family was very little, we noticed that one of our boys had a strong prophetic gifting. We were very amazed at how he would speak out and have endless words of knowledge in general life, without really trying or knowing a thing about a circumstance. I recall the time he came into the bathroom, as I was cleaning the bath, and announced for me to ring my friend Michele. I got up and did so, and found out she was in great pain, needing some comfort on a difficult day!

Another time, we were in church, and our son rose up in the middle of a meeting and prophesied. He was four years old at the time. The church had had so many words about prayer and seeking God and to be honest they ignored them all. One of the pastors was giving a message to the leaders which we had been invited to. The pastor was saying how sometimes God just speaks in a soft voice and you can hardly hear it. Suddenly out of nowhere, our little boy stood up, after having been lying on the floor listening to this and yelled out “and sometimes He shouts!”Needless to say, that was the end of that.

Indeed, sometimes God shouts at His Bride.

It’s a bit like that in marriage, right? You can have an argument but until you really listen you won’t hear. Someone can be shouting at you, but you can’t hear it because your heart is not listening.

In community, we can develop a listening culture around the prophetic. When God speaks through one prophet, it is super important we take notice. Sometimes prophetic words can clash and so we need to defer to one another in a spirit of humility. Or perhaps everyone has a part of the word, but it’s a case of discerning the overall anatomy of the word. An immature prophet will think this is a paradox that cannot be understood, but God is able to give grace to hear all that He is saying through different sources, whilst still holding it in check with wisdom and intelligence.

The word communicate, is the Greek word koinonikos, which comes from the word koinonia, the word for fellowship. This reveals to us the similarity between coming together and listening! Community is a listening place, where we tune our hearts and lives to the voice of God. The greatest gift we give ourselves is the time to stop and tune in – to listen and to observe. It’s in these times we will hear both the whispers of God or perhaps we might hear His shouts too! One thing is for sure, we won’t miss God if we are keen to learn. It takes effort for true prophetic community to develop.

 In what areas of your heart life is God speaking today? In what ways has your community developed a prophetic culture? If you are a leader, how can you help develop a community of tuned in listening people?