Poem – Awakened

softly and quietly and some might say … slowly

the child awakens

waking up to love and righteousness 

she is waking up to His voice in the morning

she is listening – leaning on His chest 

as a child listens with their whole heart

when grown up, she strayed far far from Him

lost in the sea of worlds

broke – she returned 

She came up from the way of the wilderness of indifference

through the path of the coldest  gardens known to man

of a love- less christianity with her garbage in tow 

her bags packed in case of an emergency 


arriving at the heavy doors of religion 

she stayed way too long and didn’t find the wine 

nor the freedom in cold houses smelling of old incenses 

broken and lost /she longed for the life promised

she’d lost her fire and life 

and even her soul in nights of winters walking in deserts

and wildernesses of the cold 

but now… she is waking up

not partially 

but in fullness…. the awake of every emotion and all feels

awake to know and to be

awake to hear and respond 

with more than a yes to say

with the wind in her hair /sun in her eyes

she is rising up 

up from the ground out on the headland 

watching sunrise/ sunset

risen up and new and bold

out of her hardness into Christ like softness

learning to be loved and to give

leaning to be kind and to extend 

feet to run

hands to hold

hearts to feel

this woman…she is not intimidated

not fearing the darkness 

but living in fullness

she is strong and fearless

loving the light /more than life 

growing in health… being healed in light 

A bride ….carries light of life

warmth of His glory 

fire of His belly

in her bones is His life

the heart to see 

the heart to hold

she is alive and free  

she is a radiant 

being in step in freedom

dancing on the stones of resistance

in cities long devastated from wars that never end

for rights all to defend

of strongholds of injustice and witchcrafts bends

she islifting up the arms of the caring ones

being in the midst of creative ones and of the 

business men

she is a flaming fire and a warrior heart

she is a lover not a worker and a fighter of freedom 

full of vision for the one who is hers 

He adores her…..His bride 

awakening the piercing sweet truth 

and breath of life with beauty of breath itself

lungs to breath 

heart to feel

this bride is on fire

she is a flame of fire from the very heart of God

burning eyes and burning feet 

let this one sing and know and tell 

the Bride is alive and she is awake to love 

and now anything can happen 

and everything will be fulfilled 

ring the bells …..ring them loud and long

to say its time to come home 

come let us adore 

come let us worship


come let us celebrate the marriage of the lamb 

to a loving bride awakened once more

Poem – God’s Dream

God’s dream for the church is to have a passionate, company of Spirit-saturated lovers who love God, life, and each other. As they observe the culture of Heaven they bring that culture to the earth.

They give whole heartedly and dream passionately. They are full of His beauty and struck by the wonder and mystery of His being. They choose to excel at life, because they are devoted to His heart and defending His name. They build villages of hope that radiate with Heaven’s light. They serve the world and each other, by laying their lives down and give their hearts for the beauty of Heaven to overflow them.

The family of God are open- hearted ones, who build relationships of care. This heavenly culture is shown in value and culture.  They love not their own lives, and live from a world that no one sees. They take their prophetic directions from a King who is both meek and majestic. They are a company of yielded hearts, burning hearts and warrior runners. They overcome obstacles with His glory. They design with one thing in mind. For the glory of God to consume hearts, lives, relationships and regions.

They excel in the arts, theatre, dance, music, worship and expression. They were created for blessings and goodness. They are an innovative and problem solving group of people. They are a governmental body of wise master builders. They are filled with supernatural wisdom and understanding. The leaders are at rest and in joy because peace is their guide.

Are they without pain and without imperfection? No, far from it. They are weak and dependent. They know who is their strength and how to receive it. In weakness they are powerful, in powerlessness they are strong and courageous.

They will not give up until the glory increases all over the earth. First in one location, followed by another and then another, until every region is blanketed in the visible cloud of His glory. This is the church of Jesus on the earth and His heart for them is to shine with His glory and grace.

This is the glory community of heaven on earth!


The Imagining Community

“I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination. What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth – whether it existed before or not – for I have the same idea of all our passions as of love: they are all, in their sublime, creative of essential beauty” – Selected Letter, by John Keats

The standing ovation for Les Misérables in the Imperial Theatre, New York, was so heartfelt, that a rush of God’s presence swept throughout the theatre. We were in awe of what we had just seen and experienced, but even more in awe that this audience had been so moved by Victor Hugo’s story of extreme redemption and forgiveness. It truly was an outstanding performance. For those who had ears to hear, it artfully told the story of the gospel.

There is a renaissance of true freedom going on in the arts today. These new expressions are sweeping through the Body of Christ and changing culture. It is such a great time to be an artist because so many congregations and communities are taking a hold of the value for the arts. During the historical Renaissance period, the church was at its peak in terms of being the community that shone in the realm of the arts. The period of history in from the 14th Century through to the 17th Century was a time of extreme and heightened creativity. The word ‘renaissance’ means re-birth and during this time period, creativity and culture ‘came to life’ in a new way.

Currently we are in a season in the church, where something seems to have pushed us to new frontiers. The church is waking up from a long nap and is now forging ahead with new creativity. God is preparing in secret (and through much pressure); the many artisans, prophets, and leaders that will emerge in the coming years and who He will reveal to the world.

Art is the beauty of God displayed by human hands, and the enemy knows that if he can destroy this passion, that the church will have great difficulties in revealing the nature of God. The divine dream of God was always to have artists and musicians who live from the mountaintop of the glory realm and to bring that glory down to earth (1 Samuel 10:5).

Art reflects heart more than the mind, because it reveals our core feelings

In actuality, art is even more than all this. It appears that art has been designed by God to heal us and to bring connection between us. Sociologists are finding that participation in the arts is a powerful way to overcome obstacles and to build the cohesion that communities long for. Engaging with the arts brings a higher consciousness of others and their bias or need. It broadens the mind, expands the heart and opens us up to more of God. The British Art Council explains; “There is strong evidence that participation in the arts, can contribute to community cohesion, reduce social exclusion and isolation, and or make communities feel safer and stronger.*”*http://www.artscouncil.org.uk

Art causes us to stop in the madness and flurry of life to listen and observe others. When we join in with others in the process of of collaboration, we are not only blessed by the outcome, but we are also bonded as we journey together.

Henri Matisse said: “the artist is an explorer

This is so true. The artist is a pioneer, blazing new trails and new paths.

We become fully human when we allow ourselves to find the creative thread that is placed in our souls by God. It is your responsibility to find this golden thread within you and it is the job of the church community to awaken hearts again to dream, to play and to create. In every heart, the seeds of creativity exist! When these are given light and water, these seeds burst with new life.

We are the “imagining community”

Imagination is the ability to dream and see. When people stop dreaming or daydreaming, it’s because they can no longer imagine what life could be like. Something has stopped their brains from thinking with a limitless, inspired perspective.

In every city of the earth, we find villages of artists! In the Sohos, the Manhattans, in the back streets and in the back alleys; artists live in community and bring their hearts together in a communal swirl. Here, artists gather in ‘village’ like surrounds, to find their comrades.

In almost every town in Europe during the last century, ‘cultural houses’ existed. These were gathering places, where neighbors engaged in the arts and got to know one another better. In Australia, during settlement, we created “Art Institutes” for this purpose. These ‘institutes’ were often in our town halls, where men and women would gather to learn new skills from one another that could be passed on from one generation to the next. This built culture and strengthened family, providing a deep kinship in the difficult seasons.

On a trip to Vietnam, I was in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. In this area, during the early years of the French settlement, it became a place where Vietnamese could retain their own culture. The artisans organized themselves into 36 guilds, including; the guild of silver, bamboo, silk and even the hat guild! Each guild occupied a street in the Old Quarter, as they endeavored to protect their art and cultivate it further by passing it on to the next generation.

When I read this, it made me dream for the church!

Art is our narrative of both His nearness and our humanity

In community we hurt and suffer together and so, therefore, our creativity goes to a whole new level. We are saddened by loss we are brightened by hope and then we are drawn ever forward into new expressions of our hearts. When the community is in heartache, it is often the artists who bring us through. The new songs or the new paintings that are all expressions of the journey, that reminds us of the cross and of His goodness. We live for Him and we die for Him.

We are a people who yearn and suffer and delight, all in one. We experience the passion and the pain, and the agony and the ecstasy. Community fosters an expression of all those different emotions, and creates different avenues for expression.

St Francis of Assisi said: “He who works with his hands is a laborer, he who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, he who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist”

Creativity brings ecstasy and divine fulfillment as we enjoy and cherish the artistic life together. Joy and ecstasy rests on the face of creative people when they talk about their craft. This joy is infectious! It affects the whole community!

When the glory comes on people, we are at our creative best, imagining a better world.

I love to watch as the community comes alive when we take time to take creativity to a new level. The Lord is attracted to us as we pursue design and artistic endeavors. He loves to pour out His glory and to release His pleasure in the form of His presence. There is no doubt about it; developing the arts and artists is a key to attracting the glory and having a healthy, happy and cohesive community.

For myself, I have several ways to stay art focused. Reading a huge range of books, going to galleries and shows, and indulging my senses in beauty are all ways that I stay alive to the creative flow in me. We all have to spend time to nurture this creative golden thread within us.

Let the imagination of your heart and mind partner with others for a divinely inspired collaboration.