Maria Mason


2019 Dates 


October 29 – 31 |  Heart Revolution – Leaders Refreshing Day – Glorify Church, Adelaide |

October 7 | Florence, Italy, La Sorgete de Vita Church |

September 29 |  Helsinki; 1: Near Your Heart team (morning)

                                                2: “Love Story – Kingdom Family” (evening)

September 28 |  Helsinki conference: Heaven’s Culture on Earth, contact Matti and Suvi Pehkonen at or see the Facebook event page

September 27 | Helsinki  “Near Your Heart” house church  

September 24 | IHOP Prague, CZ  |

September 22 | Prague Christian Fellowship |

September 21 | Women’s Conference, Prague Christian Fellowship |

July 28 | Combined Service with Ignite Church and Kingdom Community Church, Newcastle

July 26/27 | Prophetic Training Harvest Time Church, Frenchs Forrest

July 25 |Ignite Church, Newcastle |

May 31 – June 2 | Wesley International Church, Sydney (Family Camp at Merroo)

May 29 &30 | Harvest Time Church, Frenches Forrest  |

May 24 | Kingsholme Community” Ellendale, Tasmania |

May 19| C3 Church Wynyard, Tasmania |

May 9 – 11 | School of Freedom and Breakthrough in Byron Bay with Ken Fish and Jennifer Eviaz

April 22 -24 | School of Worship, YWAM Gold Coast |

April 1- 14 |  India – various churches New Life Chennai (Pastor Jesudian) and also New Life Church in Mumbai with Pastors Vijay and Tedjal

March 20 – 23 | Harvest Time Church, Frenchs Forrest (Family Camp in Forster)

March 19 | Ignite Church, Newcastle |

2018 Dates 

October 19 – 21 | Heart Revolution Conference hosted by Glorify Church, Adelaide |

August 20 – 26 | Italy Hosted by Nicean Charismatic Community

August 10 – 15 | Heart Revolution Conference hosted by Tribe Byron Bay with Danny Silk

July 22 | Harvest Time Church, Connecticut  |

March 1 – 4 |Heart Revolution Conference, hosted by Overflow Church, Newcastle

2017 Dates 

March 3 – 4

Heart Revolution Melbourne – Victoria 

 Sunday 5 March

With Heidi Baker at Access Church – Sunshine Coast 

March 17 – 19

Heart Revolution Newcastle/ Medowie

More 2017 dates to come.  

Please also visit

2016 Dates 

August 26th-27th

Daylesford – Victoria 

August 13th -14th

July 1st-16th

March 31st- April 3rd

The Listening Company

When our family was very little, we noticed that one of our boys had a strong prophetic gifting. We were very amazed at how he would speak out and have endless words of knowledge in general life, without really trying or knowing a thing about a circumstance. I recall...
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Poem – Awakened

softly and quietly and some might say … slowly the child awakens waking up to love and righteousness  she is waking up to His voice in the morning she is listening – leaning on His chest  as a child listens with their whole heart when grown up, she strayed far...
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The Enemy of Connection – a Closed Heart

Our hearts can close off to others without us even realizing. Some folks are oblivious to this skill of knowing when they are in danger of closing off, as its been the way they have “survived” life. Others are so in their heads, they are just stuck there, not...
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Come Together – the Power of Doing Church!

I once heard Bob Mumford give the most hilarious message back in the early 1980s. The gist of it was to do with doing life together. He shared how he was so over problems in his relationships in his church. We all know those feelings of being burnt out, and needing...
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Prophetic word – Love vs the Political Spirit. December 20th, 2020

We are living in an era where the darkness is increasing in our post-modern and post truth world, but at the same time, the light is getting brighter on the earth! We are also living in an era where love and miracles are probably the only way the world will see His...
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Ten Things God is Restoring to the Bride in the 2020’s – Prophetic Word for 22.2.2020 – the National Day of Prayer and Fasting

                                       TEN THINGS GOD IS RESTORING TO THE BRIDE IN THE 2020s Maria Mason Prophecy is both sight into the future, but it is also an invitation to create God’s purposes on earth! It is a signpost to the Heavenly world of His Kingdom!...
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Prophetic Word for Australia – November 2019

This word was given at the Australian Prophetic Council in Brisbane, November 2019.

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Poem – God’s Dream

God’s dream for the church is to have a passionate, company of Spirit-saturated lovers who love God, life, and each other. As they observe the culture of Heaven they bring that culture to the earth. They give whole heartedly and dream passionately. They are full of...
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The Village of Hope

The Village of Hope, is a great name for the community that gives itself to hosting the atmosphere of heaven. True Christian hope is supernatural, and it supplies us with a powerful feeling of hopefulness. In First Peter, we read that it is a “living hope”, a hope...
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