Lovers Of The Cross – Prophetic Reflection on Easter 2022

Lovers of the Cross

Good Friday – 2022/ Maria Mason

Today is Good Friday and we stop to celebrate the cross of Jesus, but it seems as though the cost of the gospel has increased. Many attribute this to the sway of “cultural relevance”. Regardless of the reason, so many have come to even despise the cross in our post Christian era.

Many have become what Paul described as “enemies of the cross of Christ” (Philippians 3:18), who prefer the culture of the world, to the way of the Lord. Have you seen this tendency in your own heart? Perhaps you have heard your heart mutter the words: “I’m over it!” In doing so, we can sometimes let go of the cross.

The fruit is discernible: an independence away from building the Father’s family, a pride that draws us away from a lifestyle of prayer and the need to invent our own plans because God’s ways seem difficult.

I believe our Father is saying: “I am looking for the burning hearts who will stand like Mary at the foot of cross, who can look past the shame of its nakedness, it’s uncomfortableness and see beyond, to the joy and the glory of resurrection.”

Beloved, we must realise the cross held high is our greatest icon and the power of the gospel. It is the story of covenantal love. The story of hope. The story of redemption. The gospel story – that we were sinners who needed a saviour.

I hear the Father saying today: “Do not despise the very thing that I have chosen to open the heavens. My cross made a way. Therefore, speak of it in the highest of honour. Do not despise it and do not blame the cross or the cost. I have created a way through the gates, for us to be connected. Many reject My love. My hands that were pierced, and My feet, that were crushed under the weight of My body broken. They reject My love and instead blame Me and My people for the cross.”

In this season, there has been an increase of evil against those who hold high the cross. This outpouring of evil is not a rejection of the people of God as much as it is of Christ Himself.

“All the calamities, rejections and distractions are just stirring up noise and will come to nothing- I am establishing my army – an army of lovers of the cross” says the Lord.

As you hold holy hands across the earth today beloved, let us indeed celebrate the cross and uphold and honour the cost of the blood that was shed and let us proclaim His death and resurrection in this hour.

Father: We renounce all tendencies of the flesh and soul to despise the cross. We repent in any way of being enemies of the cross. We humble our hearts to receive the fullness of love displayed in the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and we deeply acknowledge Your way of love. We choose the way of the cross and we choose the cruciform. To be made like Him in this world.

Although we may been seen as fools sometimes, yet we are of the greatest company that ever there was -the saints of God. Seen as irrelevant, and yet being those who are the relevant ones. The gospel carriers. The Holy Cross bearers. Lovers of Christ Jesus and His cross. Amen and Happy Easter to All.